Mario is a creative artist, technical director, and color supervisor. He has over 20 years of experience in visual effects raging from high-end commercials, award-winning television series, and Hollywood top grossing movies. Award recipient and nominee for his work as an artist and supervisor in the field of visual effects. Contributor to Academy Software Foundation as well as a speaker on industry conferences for color science in the movie industry.
Mario has two decades of experience in integrating the creative side of visual effects with unique artist perspective, studio software, and tools. Expert level of understanding and developing for color science has allowed him to set up and create color solutions in many facilities based on OCIO/ACES and custom show requirements. Mario is a mentor and educator sharing his wealth of theoretical knowledge and experience teaching visual effects at Langara College’s Centre for Entertainment Arts.

color supervisor

Modern digital color workflows are challenging and require in-depth knowledge of color science, camera technologies, and in-studio tooling. Mario is visual effects industry expert in this new and challenging field. He is designing and supervising complicated color workflows for virtual production and on the shows and creating easy-to-use and intuitive tools for artists. He is an active member of the Academy Software Foundation and Open Color IO.

technical director

The true skill in visual effects is to merge art with science and technology. Mario is a developer that understands visual effects pipelines, digital content creation tools, and ingest to delivery workflows. With his artist background, he creates and implements software that have modern and responsive UI/UX and are designed to help artists achieve their best work.

compositing supervisor

Each show has a unique set of requirements for creative looks that draws on the artist's skills, client requirements, and strict time frames for the teams. Mario’s visual effects supervisor experience ranges from on-set to studio work on feature films, episodic shows, and high-end commercials. His 16 years of experience with a background in compositing and countless award-winning projects make him a mentor for the in-house team of artists and an expert helping client creative and production teams.

awards and nominations

ves emmy

2016 - 14th VES awards nominee for Outstanding Compositing in a Photoreal Feature on San Andreas

2007 - International Emmy Award for "The Magic Tree" television series. VFX supervisor for 6 parts of the miniseries as well as feature film under the same title.

color supervisor
color setups
• Custom color configs with OCIO
• DCC and review tools implementations
• Internal facility color workflows
• Facility color spec sheet creation
• Client custom workflows deplyment
• Client show LUT and grade splitting for LMTs
color tools
• Gamut compression tools
• Blink script gamut plotting
• Custom grading GUI for CDL grades
• PyQT interfaces for colorists
• Hardware grading panel connected tools
• LUT conversion automation
• Grade publishing and loading
technical director
Pipeline projects
• UI/UX designs for artist tools
• Nuke python tools with pyQT/Pyside interfaces
• Deep image tools for Nuke
• Pipeline setup for shows and deliveries
• Nuke gizmos and panels
• Nuke Studio EDL conforming tools
• Shotgun database queries for Nuke tools
Facility show setups
• Captain America: Civil War
• Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
• King Arthur: Legend of the Sword
• Thor: Ragnarok
• Spider-Man: Homecoming
• Doctor Strange
• Okja
• Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2
• Voyage of Time

latest projects

• 2015 - San Andreas - Deep compositing on key LA destruction shots
• 2015 - Get Hard - Several shots with face replacement and set extension
• 2014 - Transformers: Age of Extinction - Stereo compositing on several sequences
• 2014 - The Maze Runner - compositing, deep image tool development
• 2013 - Thor - The Dark World - compositing and sequence lead for Comic-con delivery
• 2013 - Captain America: The Winter Soldier - compositing and sequence lead for Comic-con delivery
• 2013 - 300 Rise of an Empire - compositing of more than 25 shots for final delivery
• 2013 - Escape Plan - compositing, look development, template development
• 2012 - The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 - compositing
• 2013 - The Frozen Ground - compositing, particle systems
many others....